Donald J. Bales

Architect, Analyst, Designer, Developer, and Author


I’m an Information/Systems Architect, Business/Systems Analyst, Software Designer/Developer, and Author.  I specialize in not specializing.  Instead, as an architect I fulfill the role of the person who is fluent in both business and technology speak, performing the analysis, design, and programming of web-based applications and systems integration. I have a reputation for getting things done on time and under budget. I have over twenty five years of experience with Oracle as an information architect, and as a PL/SQL developer, over ten years of experience with Java/JEE, and more recently four+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails.  I’m the Author of several books on Oracle and Java.

When I’m not solving business problems with software solutions, I can often be found hiking, talking with horses, or playing the piano or the bagpipes. I have had several careers, and have at various times been a mechanic, a carpenter, a general contractor, Mr. Mom, a software developer, a CTO, and a consultant. Right now I’m Depart Head, Environmental Software & Data Management at Argonne National Laboratory. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. I currently reside in Downers Grove, Illinois with my wife Terry Moro. I can be contacted by email at  Here’s a link to my resume.


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